Megabolt shear testing program – Ron McKenzie & Ben King

Peter – Behaviour of Cable Bolts in Shear COAL 2015 – Peter Craig

UOW-ORICA – Naj Azz & Rob Hawker

The Influence Of Rock Size Sample On The Load Carrying Capacity Of Cable Bolts Under Confined Conditions – Ibad Ur-Rahman

An experimental and numerical study on cabled strata subjected to double shearing  – Haleh Rasekh, Xuwei Li

The strength properties of non steel dowels for strata reinforcement in coal mines – Naj Aziz

Risk-benefit analysis in coal mines… -Ismet Canbulat, Hongkui Gong, Mehmet Kizil, Anna Mills & Jason Emery

Shear behaviour of fully grouted bolts under constant normal stif – Ashitava Dey

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